Book Complete: QoS for IP/MPLS Networks

I finally finished a study book in its entirety – QoS for IP/MPLS Networks. I’ve been bouncing between different texts, depending on what mood and topic struck my interest. I’d also been reading on many topics I am already familiar with to try and bolster and deepen my understanding and draw connections between things. I’ve decided to pause this idea and instead focus in on a major area/concept and read all the way through to completion. I get “credit” when I’ve completed reading the book, augmenting any necessary mind-maps with the information from it and then generating the Studies flash cards as well. I enjoyed this one. Study books are a balance between technical dryness, good writing and information density. I find I prefer the greatest density I can get and also a focus on practical uses for various knobs – which I need to grasp the interactions between things for CCDE.

Combining these ideas with a need to find something that explained QoS in just the right way has been a challenge. I own a few books that cover portions of QoS (and will likely read them and do a similar right up…) but I was looking for something shorter; more like a primer. This book hit the spot perfectly. Very much enjoyed it and learned a good bit. I’ll get the flash cards posted up later this week. For now, the QoS mind-map is already up. Next, I’ll be reading IP Multicast, Volume I.