Certification News: Passed f5-201

Long Journey, Much Delay

I started this journey over two years ago. When I joined my current company I decided I would get f5 certified as I didn’t think we had folks with it and I could help expand our business by being “that guy”. The reality is that we didn’t have a lot of f5 work and I had other things to master ahead of it. I went to Agility 2016, took the 201 training course and determined to get through it then. I didn’t. The next year I signed up for the 301a training and thought I’d complete both 101 and 201 in prep for Agility 2017. Again, I didn’t. But I did sign up for, and complete, 101 while in Chicago. Which brings us to the present.

Agility 2018, Boston

Again, I signed up for the 201 class/lab and this time for the test while onsite. I’ve had two years to get a bit rustier on f5 but I do get some regular exposure still…and I was forturnate to pass! If you are considering the test, and you go to Agility I really recommend the 201 labs to help in preparing. You can see more on the specifics of the f5 training program here: https://support.f5.com/csp/article/K29900360#301a

Reading the study guide is a big help as well and a huge thanks to Eric Mitchell for all his hard work in completing it. Also, a shout of thanks to Ed Rabago/f5 for his time and help. He ran the class the first time I went through.

It was mentioned there are less than 3,000 f5 certified personnel worldwide. I was pretty surprised at this and glad to have my CA done. At some point, I’ll go for 301a I think but that will be likely be the end of the journey for me with f5. While I like the product and enjoy using it going deeper is not a good investment for me with my career goals.