Book Complete: Optimal Routing Design

Well, I broke from my plan in finishing IP Multicast, Volume I and completed Optimal Routing Design (or ORD as I’m using in my internal notes) first. I am almost complete with the Multicast book as well – just a bit more on the IPv6 portion but I needed a break from pure multicast and got sucked into ORD and finished it. It is a great read and very, very easy to consume I think. It does a great job of laying out each major protocol and specific concerns around them along with use-cases and examples to illustrate. As most of the text revolves around networking protocols you’ll see updates on the routing protocol mind-maps. I do have to go through the Appendices as a skimming effort – just to make sure I’m not missing any special nuggets – but per the official text, I’m complete.

Okay, now I really will finish IP Multicast before moving on to End-to-End QoS Network Design.