Arista Certification – ACE

My company recently expanded into selling Arista and I’ve been the guinea pig for getting their certification (it’s required as part of the partner program). If you are considering taking a course, I’d really recommend doing it in person with Gary and/or another member of the team, direct from Arista. While you can do things virtually you’ll be giving up a big part of the value of the training if you do – the experience of those that created the coursework in the first place. When you book the training just look for the Partner column to say “Arista” and then schedule that one. I really enjoyed the training and Gary is a very energetic instructor that clearly knows the product well. I didn’t recognize his name at first but I’ve owned his Network Warrior book for quite sometime. It’s handy to have to refresh on a topic or show someone else a specific configuration.

I’ve not worked with Arista switches before but enjoyed seeing some of the capabilities they possess and understanding some of the differences between their approach and other vendors. Of the major data center (and now campus…) switches in the market (minus white box) theirs is the only I’ve not deployed. Now that I’m certified, and we are partnered, I’m looking forward to remedying that situation!