Arista Certification – ACE

My company recently expanded into selling Arista and I’ve been the guinea pig for getting their certification (it’s required as part of the partner program). If you are considering taking a course, I’d really recommend doing it in person with Gary and/or another member of the team, direct from Arista. While you can do things virtually you’ll be giving up a big part of the value of the training if you do – the experience of those that created the coursework in the first place.… Read More »Arista Certification – ACE

NFD21 Delegate!

It is my great honor to serve with Bruno Wollman, from my CCDE study group, as a delegate to NFD21! I’ve never participated before but I have watched some of their videos and recently subscribed to the podcasts by Gestalt IT. I’m joining for the second half the week and will get to see the following companies present: Network to Code – They are well known for their role in automation and I’m keen to see their presentation. Likely many engineers I’ve taken some tentative… Read More »NFD21 Delegate!